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Oct 1, 2012

How can you have so much going on in your life and feel like you have nothing going on at the same time? I’m 21 and I already feel like I have not much time left to do the things I have to do to achieve what I want, sounds ridiculous I know, 21 is still a very young age, but when you see people inside the wonderful world of the internet, who have made it before their 20's, it kind of makes you want to rush things, and it makes you listen to a tick tack tick tack inside your head on a daily basis. Especially people that have my dream job, those motherfluffers started out the earliest.

 Illustration by my sister Carol (hope she doesn't charge me)

I want to do so much but for now let’s talk about film making, I love film making but it doesn't help when you stalk the biographies of the ones you look up to on Wikipedia or wherever and see stuff like "at the age of 8 his uncle gave him a super 8 camera and he started making short films in his backyard", or (and this one really killed me) "his parents began dropping him at Universal Studios back lot every day after school when he was just 12 years old". You see? and that's every single filmmaker's story; what am I supposed to do with that, this insecure teenager who just realized what she wanted to do with her life now (in a way I knew it all my life but I dint KNOW IT, I just didn't realized it until now when reality really hit me).

Anyway here I am, and on top of it, I am from/live in a country where I find myself not fitting in and where opportunities rarely come for people without loads of money and contacts from the 'biz. I could keep on complaining about so many other things, like the fact that the industry I want to get myself into, is so behind in here, I mean, this is no Hollywood of course,  but I guess being here will make everything more challenging, therefore more exciting. It’s gonna be a crazy journey isn't it?

Funny thing is that I always wanted to have a dream, something to go after, like in the movies and holy shit here it is. Right now I’m so excited about doing everything I can to achieve my dreams,  that I don’t even feel excited about college anymore, don’t get me wrong I really like my career -which is advertising- and I love every learning opportunity I can get but lately college is becoming such a time-sucking activity.

Anyway…Last week I was shooting a music video for one of my favorite The Drums song "Money". Every time I heard the song, whether I was on a bus on my way to school or washing the dishes, I had this silly kinda cool idea for a video, but I thought that going through with it was going to be too hard for someone with not many resources, however, 2 months later I said, what the hell! I’m going for it and just yesterday I uploaded the result:

If the player is being an ass please go over to YouTube to watch it, please, but only if you want to, but please it would mean a lot!

This is the fictional band featured in the video, I needed one for the concept to come through, and since I don’t have friends (this is the part where you cry for me and offer me your friendship) my sister (the business-y part of Guzferable) got me her friends who were great (Thanks guys!)

The Mustacho Band

It was really fun. We shot it at the Zona Colonial, which is always crowded  and obviously all eyes were on us, but that only added more excitement. We had time on us, the heat of the sun on us, people to bother and a lot to do. I know it could have gone waaaaay better but Im happy with the results.

And October is about to start and I’m happy about it because that means that temperatures in my country will start to show some mercy. Here are the songs Ive had on repeat lately, they are about to catch some fire. “Asleep” by The Smiths was brought to me by The Perks of Being a Wallflower; I can’t wait to watch the movie.

Give them a listen if you want, they might make you as happy and joyful as the make me (even though most of them are sad-ish)

1. Ouija Board, Ouija Board
2. Beetles
3. 60 thompson
4. Asleep
5. The Autumn Carnival
6. Bandages
7. The Rifle's Spiral

Oh and I would also like to know (gosh Im so nosy) if you ever find yourself in this 'i finally have a dream to pursue but something is holding me back' kind of situation? Feel free to bitch about anything in the comments.

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