It was a beautiful afternoon, I went to the mall, to buy God knows what, oh wait, i remember, I went to fix my phone which i had fucked up the night before, (have you heard of ''error 1015") anyway, at one point while i was waiting for it to be fixed, i toured the entire mall with my little sister, trying to find decent high waisted jeans, which i didn't find, and at one point i was at this store, and 2 salesperson chased me ask me about my t shirt, and where did i get.

I told them I  made it myself, they immediately asked if i sold this kinds of t-shirts, i told them no, and they called me an idiot for not doing so (well they didnt actually say idiot to my face, but you get it), they told me i had business in my hands without knowing it.

The truth is, I have been asked before if I sold this t-shirts, (2 people to be exact, wohoo), and everytime i wored it to college it would get kind of a lot of praise, but not until that moment i had really considered making a small bussiness out of this, God knows I need the money. I mean im still jobless, and there are tons of filmmaking equipment i want/need to buy to get this dream of mine going (in case you belong to the 99.9% of the human population who have not read this blog before i want to be a filmmaker but one especialized in music videos, kind of a Michel Gondry, my country really needs a Gondry).

So, I ask you, kind reader, WHAT SHOULD I DO? should i start making 'em and selling 'em? Before you say "Duh, obviously", yeah i would really love to, i have a lot of fun doing this, i love to create stuff regardless the medium, and i need the money, you know, to invest in other things that will get me money, the problem is that, i am THE  worst person when it come to selling, and business, and shit like that, and even if people praise the t-shirt i don't know how many people would actually buy it, so i don't want to jump all excited to make a Facebook page with some cheesy name selling my stuff just to see tons of tumbleweed going by.  Come on you are smart tell me what to do!!!

Here's a photograph of a lizard that comes into my bedroom window, around 1 pm every other day (I think he likes to watch reruns of Friends with us) If you still don't know what to write on the comments, look at Bob VI's eyes, they're full of wisdom!

Isn't he Discovery Channel cute?

Be good to your grandmas 

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