Hello, how are you?

Jul 7, 2012

Im Rossy, I like to wear cardigans even if its 500 degrees outside. I lack social skills and i feel like a tourist in my own country most of the time.

Im from Dominican Republic, a great beautiful place where people are very warm and joyful and always happy, the thing is I don't think I live up to that standard, and it sucks most of the times because, being different than the majority of this country youth population, (their taste, their social behavior and etc.) sucks. I always have to be explaining myself and trying to adjust to the others, but hell no I'm tired of that. I have decided to stick to how I am no matter how many times I have to hear "omg you're so weird" "are you crazy" "you are so boring/stupid for not doing _____ "

This may just be another blog, but if you are in this situation feel free to share it here, and wait for my other posts because my lameness might be comforting for you and it might make you feel better with your life.

Also this is the track of the things I do and confront, on my journey to just being plain me and just don't giving a f*** about others expectations of me to be like them, so some posts might also encourage you (i said might), to do what you never dared to.

All your life you have heard "be yourself", on tv, movies or pretty much everyone, but its easier said than done. It means to be brave and to "take it like a man" when you get weird looks, when people call you lame because you rather stay home than go to a party, or when you dare to put on that outfit that you love but end up taking off because of what others may say.

Oh, and i come from a spanish speaking country, and i dont know whether to blog in english or spanish? Torn.

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