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Jul 8, 2012

Hello there, let me tell you a bit about myself
I probably (and by probably I mean I know I don't) don't have any readers right now but, you gotta start somewhere right?. I know for sure I can't sum up me-self in this post, and also I am the less interesting man in the world, i mean..person, anyway you'll find out what a nut job I am with time.

This post is just an excuse to let you know I am an aspiring filmmaker, frustrated since I was young with music videos, and now this is the part when i say "oh, and i have a youtube channel if you want to check out the messes i have done and leave some mean comments" No, seriously i have a youtube channel along with my sister (which handles the "PR" cause as I said I don't know how to talk with people") and it's called Guzferable, yes, weird name but trust me it sounds cool in spanish (?) I would tell you what it means but I don't want to ruin the magic and the mystery so early.

The thing is I don't even study in some major film academy, I dont even study filmmaking, I mean, I wish but I'm actually studying advertising, why? because there are no film academies options in this country and advertising is the closest I could get to doing what I love.

You should've seen the crisis I had when I was in the process of deciding what to study, at the moment I only knew that it had to do with art because all my life I had love to paint, and dance, and perform, and pretty much every art related thing, and I was beating myself up for not being one of those people who knew since they were in their momma's uterus what they wanted to be. Anyway I needed to narrow down my choices, cause, c'mon arts are such a wide field. I decided to go for advertising because my main interest is to create and produce audiovisuals.

 And im rambling like always, the point is that unfortunately I'm not doing the proper thing to do when it comes to start a career but I know what I want and I'm gonna get it...of course my stupid 'insecure-me' kicks in and tells me to be real "you wont make in this country" "it's to hard" "you're not even studying it" "you need to know people to make it" but it's all about shutting that bitch up and moving on!

What I'm trying to say is that yeah, I dont have everything I need, at my disposition, but isn't that what makes life exciting? So join to see if i'll make it, and I hope to encourage whoever one person reads this to do the same: take what you've got even if it is shit and prove some bitches wrong. No you don't need to be loaded and filthy rich, or know people in the business. We will make it we will.

Oh here is my channel Guzferable go check it be free to tell me what you think I appreciate any type of feedbacks

This is our latest video

Also we would all love to know if there are more people in this situation. Share what you want in here!

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  1. Saw the video, its very nice and I love Metric!, also nice message

    1. Thank you so much glad you like it :)

  2. honey u wrong. they jus opened a film school at itla. lol the're giving scholarships and all. i was about to apply but then i saw the schedule. y me choca. :c so you go for it.

  3. Yeah i know, but since i was already in apec it was hard to take it like you said, i was about to fill an application and everything, though i didn't know about the scolarships ahhhh :0 ... do you like filmmaking too?? i checked your youtube channel, gurl you awesome!