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Nov 2, 2012

Hello there, in this post I'm writing this About Me page following the awesome advices from the amazing and inspirational Alex Beadon in one of her videos on how to build your blog. I wasn't even looking for blogger tips nor anything, she's just actually an amazing photographer i found on the web who happens to make this great videos and blogs about not only photography, but also, on how to live an inspirational life and also (yes, also) gives business advice. Check her website here:

This excercise was a "homework" she left at the end of the video, and I decided to make it publicly through this post. And if you yourself are a blogger and especially a newbie like me, I encourage you to do this exercise too, it is fun and it makes you have focus, vision, and keeps you in track. Here I go:

My name is: Ross Guzmán, actually is Rosangely but people find it hard to pronounce.
I am: The creator of 'Indie in the Caribbean' blog.
I write: Once a week, or at least i try to.
I write about: Art related things, but if I had to choose one, it would be audiovisuals, mostly music videos. I also write about pop culture/indie culture stuff, as well as how does it feel living in a country where most times you feel like a stranger, because you don't share the same taste as your peers, in all cultural matters, like music, and dressing, and thinking, and living, hence the name of the blog. How is it to be an indie in the Caribbean, when that's clearly not our culture, our taste, and our lifestyle as latinos. When i say indie, I don't mean the stereotypical, labeled, literal indie, but a person which has a different concept of life.  
The kind of people that come to my blog are: People who are young at heart, and whoever feels related to what I write about. People who are fascinated by great music videos and great audiovisual pieces, and music, and culture.
I have realized that many people are in my situation, where they kind of feel like tourists in their own country, and that is common in us latin adolescents who enjoy speaking in english  and listening to rock music from english (or other language) speaking countries, and dress, and think differently. We do love our own culture, and we love the place we came from, we just have a bit of a duality with it, in us and in our lives.
And I want to be: If I had to choose one and only thing, my biggest dream/passion is to be a Music Video Director, which at the same time falls under the "filmmaker" category, which at the same time falls under "art", so i love pretty much every art related thing, but i really (reaaaally) want to be some sort of dominican Michel Gondry, Joseph Kahn, Sophie Muller, Floria Sigismondi, and make the greatest music videos, this country and eventually the world has ever seen. What you think about that?

I draw this cutie in representation for the blog i guess...Maan i wish i had this entire outfit

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