It's always fun to mix movies and fashion, don't you dare say otherwise

Dec 27, 2012

Yes, Christmas cleaning is always good, and this time was even better. My sister found this jean jacket hiding in her closet, and she forgot she had it there, (knowing that I wanted one of those long ago, shame on you carol), so as soon as she got it out of the closet and threw on the bed, I jumped on it, and claimed it mine.

I proceeded to cut off the sleeves and think of what I was going to sew on the back, you know, inspired by Hayley's and Gaga's badass jean jackets. I then, remembered I had this Star Wars tee, that I thrifted long ago and was starting to smell funny, so what better use could i have found for it. My face lit like a cartoon character.

This is the result. 

I cut out the image only, then i glued it on the jacket with liquid silicone (not the right way to go, but i needed to glue it with something to make the sewing easier), then I sew it and here it is.

This is my "I am your father" response face.

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