You haven't posted anything in almost a month...shame on you Ross

Dec 16, 2012

Yeah, I know, bad Ross, bad Ross, though I don't have many readers, so there is no harm, and I just write for fun and to document the process of achieving my goals and what happens in the meantime, the good, the bad, the meaningless, the meaningful and so on.

Im finally on vacation (I've been on vacation for  like 2 weeks now...sorry), and after procrastinating a lot, and just doing the nothingness I was dreaming about doing once I got some well deserved vacations it's time to get into action: work and study.

Even though I don't have a job, and duh, I have 3 more weeks left since college starts again, so Im taking the time to keep the 'Self-Teaching Filmmaking' process I have been doing half-assed due to the lack of time and take this time to study and learn all I can, and work on my video making (you know, you gotta put the theory to practice, and embarrass yourself on YouTube while doing it).

I actually feel bad because I have kind of wasted this 2 weeks, but that's it, Im serious about it. Well it's not like i have been doing noothing you know. Little before I got out on vacation I was going with my sister to band practice, because she and some school friends are starting out a band and they want me to sing in it but provisionally of course because I am a sucky, sucky singer, but of course I said yes, because I love music, and being surrounded by musical instruments, and of course I could get to play the electric guitar, given that I only have an acoustic one because is all I can afford at the moment, bummer.

No, I don't play the drums, my skills are so little I apparently can only play guitar, (barely) something else would just be pushing it. This is me trying to play the drums, and realizing is not as easy as it looks. Right now I can only play the very beginning of 'Steady As She Goes' by The Raconteurs, (it just came out of nowhere)  and  a bit of 'Starlight' by Muse, (by watching some quick tutorials on YT, everyone was to busy to teach me some drums)...also, I am incredibly uncoordinated.

See how my face is strategically hidden by the plates? Nice job sister taking the picture :D. Man, now I realized I don't have any picture of that sweet cherry red guitar I get to play.

Also, in this two weeks of crazy productivity I have been dealing with major, important and crucial issues for human existence, such as how can I make a cover for my laptop out of some Floppy disks I had laying around. Its harder than it sounds, I own a Compaq 15'' laptop, and not only they don't fit right away, but I wish I could get like a hard cover (like those on Macs) where I can glue the diskettes to, instead of doing it directly on the laptop top.

And of course, there's the video we shot last week, its just a little short that we came up with out of nowhere, its crazy, weird, it makes no sense, but I love it. I mean, hey have you watched Un Chien Andalou? what we are doing is completely normal compare to that.

It was pretty exciting, since we mainly make music videos, and this is the first 'short' we upload to our channel. Here's the video:

Tell us what you think, either here or in the YouTube comment section, whether is good or bad, we always appreciate feedback.

And yeah, this is just some of it... How would you make your vacations productive?

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